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K.I.S.A: Clouds & Fog by Oracizan

We're experimenting with adding some fog to the outdoor scenes, along with some clouds behind the mountains. The former adds a bit of ambiance and helps emulate snow flurries, while the latter is...kind of a requirement for there to be snow falling from the sky.

If you look closely, you will see that the fog also extends to the inside of The Tavern. I'll have to either make the fog stop at the door, or add a chain-smoking character that sits in the corner and fills The Tavern with a hazy cloud of cigar smoke.

K.I.S.A Characters: Dwarf by Oracizan

Here's an image of one of the dwarf enemies from Chapter 5 "The Mines", with several helpful labels. We went with a steampunk design for this level (in case you couldn't tell). Not pictured: Beard Part IV, War Hammer, shortness.

K.I.S.A Alpha 6.4 Released by Oracizan

K.I.S.A Alpha 6.4 is now available! Download it here. An alternate download for Windows XP can be found here.

6.4 is a fairly hefty update, and I deem it worthy of being the last publicly released alpha. All of the previous versions of K.I.S.A we've shared will remain available, and we'll still be sharing a lot of development information on our blog, but as of now we've entered closed development.

No, shhh, don't cry. There are plenty of interesting devlog posts planned, and a new trailer above. Details about changes in 6.4 - as many as I can remember, anyway, there's so many - are below. (Read More)