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K.I.S.A Devlog 014: Drawing Curves
It's been a while since I've written a technical devlog about some minutiae of K.I.S.A's code. So here's one about rendering hair by making use of a textured curve. It's presented in a way that's divorced from the specifics of its usage in K.I.S.A, similar to the post about cloth physics, so it should be easily generalizable to other usages.

You can download an example GameMaker: Studio project with code from this devlog here.

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K.I.S.A Devlog 013: Fog & Snow

This is the end result of playing with the new weather system in K.I.S.A. Below is a brief explanation of each element.

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K.I.S.A Devlog 012: Learning How To Sail

Presented without context. This ship is from a much later chapter than has been shown so far, but it's too lovely to hang onto without sharing. Elena and I both agree that its the setpiece of the chapter, and this is in a chapter that has some of the most distinctive art of the entire game. Zoom in to see some of the finer details.
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