A fairytale about knights and kings, witches and princesses, and a girl who hears a disembodied voice in her head.
Teddies Against The Dark
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Don't be afraid of The Dark. Make the Dark afraid of you in this online action-arcade game.
Vital Spark
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Humanity has been wiped out by hostile AI. Discover why in this short puzzle platformer.


K.I.S.A Devlog 009: Do You Hear What I Hear?
I've spent the past few weeks working on K.I.S.A's audio, adding new sounds and modifying old ones. It was a bit of a learning experience for me, as I didn't know much about audio editing beyond the very basics. My games always had audio, but if I wasn't collaborating with a musician or sound effect designer, it was never my main focus. Now I understand what roughly half of the Audacity audio filters do - which is an accomplishment given how many filters there are, trust me - and have a much better grasp on how important audio can be for immersion.

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K.I.S.A Devlog 008: Alpha 6.4 Release

K.I.S.A Alpha 6.4 is now available! Download it here. An alternate download for Windows XP can be found here.

Details about changes in 6.4 - as many as I can remember, anyway, there's so many - are below.

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K.I.S.A Fanart (Azuma Fuyu)

Brace yourselves: Not only does K.I.S.A have fans (It's okay, I'm just as surprised as you are), one of these fans, Azuma Fuyu, endeavored to create three lovely drawings of Kisa.

The images were originally included in a Japanese blog/Let's Play of K.I.S.A by @etherealcat, and we were given permission to share them here. Thanks Azuma and ethereal cat! The other two images can be viewed after the jump.

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