A fairytale about knights and kings, witches and princesses, and a girl who hears a disembodied voice in her head.
Teddies Against The Dark
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Don't be afraid of The Dark. Make the Dark afraid of you in this online action-arcade game.
Vital Spark
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Humanity has been wiped out by hostile AI. Discover why in this short puzzle platformer.


K.I.S.A Devlog 013: Fog & Snow

This is the end result of playing with the new weather system in K.I.S.A. Below is a brief explanation of each element.

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K.I.S.A Devlog 012: Learning How To Sail

Presented without context. This ship is from a much later chapter than has been shown so far, but it's too lovely to hang onto without sharing. Elena and I both agree that its the setpiece of the chapter, and this is in a chapter that has some of the most distinctive art of the entire game. Zoom in to see some of the finer details.
K.I.S.A Devlog 011: Localization
Earlier this week, I added a localization system to K.I.S.A. One could argue that it would be more accurate to call it a translation system, because localization encompasses things other than just switching out the language, but - because I've already become attached to the name - one would be ignored.

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